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Value & Vision

Our philosophical approach to domestic violence (DV) is based on the "Empowerment Model" of response, which assists victims in identifying values and choices that support the achievement of their goals. The Empowerment Model shifts the control of decision-making to the victim and strives to avoid replicating the inequality of power in the victim's relationships.

This model is considered "best practice" within the domestic violence field. In addition to offering centered-based services, SSWRC provides the state-certified SAFEPLAN program in 4 courts and referrals to our center-based programs. This program, originally initiated as a volunteer program at SSWRC over 20 years ago, is also considered "best practice."

Another "best practice" program is the Coordinated Community Response program that is a collaboration between the SSWRC, the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office, two other victim service agencies, and 16 area police departments. DV advocates work with police, providing follow-up and outreach to DV victims. Within this program, a High Risk Assessment Protocol has been established that provides systematic response to clients who have been assessed to be at greater risk of injury. This is a newer "best practice" within Massachusetts, a direct result of the increase in the number of domestic violence homicides over the past several years